Smart Society

Apartment Complex Management

Smart Society is an end-to-end cloud and mobile app based solution for Residents, Management & Staff of apartment complexes (housing societies). Its features include

The Society's Maintenance Billing is auto-calculated based on the rules and after approval, is available to all residents (with the option of online payments) online as well as on the mobile app with alerts sent by email and SMS. This also includes a full-fledged Accounting package with auto entries for Billing, customized Chart of Accounts, Voucher entries, Investment tracking, Bank Reconciliation with reporting till the Balance Sheet.

All communication to Residents from the Society Management (e.g. Circulars), as well as Requests from Residents are available online and on the mobile app with alerts sent by email and SMS. The workflow determines the routing of the Request to the right people, the Cost Approval rules, Escalation timelines and persons etc. The Vendor Management feature tracks Vendor AMCs and Preventive Maintenance Schedules and Asset Management is used for tagging and maintenance of the society's assets. Residents can also book or subscribe to the society's amenities online.

The Statutory Registers required for the Society can be maintained online, and using the built-in transfer process they get updated automatically. The Documents of each resident as well as of the Society can be uploaded, and the residents get access to their own documents as well as shared society documents.

The Security of the society can be improved by tracking the In/Out time of Visitors and Staff. The residents have a platform for social networking and the society gets a public website.

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